13 - 16 SEPTEMBER 2023

Jakarta International Expo, Jakarta - Indonesia

During the pandemic, there are new policies in immigration services that need further attention. Please refer to https://www.imigrasi.go.id/id/ for more information.

Before you travel to Concrete Show South East Asia, please make sure you check whether you need a visa and the period of time you need to allow to apply. General information is found below but please also visit the following links:

General Visa information

In normal condition, all travelers to Indonesia must be in possession of a passport that is valid for at least six months from the date of arrival, and have proof (tickets) of onward or return passage.


In normal condition, the Indonesian Government extends Visa on Arrival (VoA) to nationals of 63 countries which can be obtained at designated entry airports and sea ports. Visa-on-Arrival are valid for 30 days and are extendable with another 30 days to be applied at Immigration offices in Indonesia.

VISA Application at Indonesia Embassies or Consulates

In normal condition, other nationals must apply for visa at Indonesia Embassies or Consulates in their home country. In addition, the visa cannot be replaced with any other of immigration letters. The visa shall then be administered by Visa Officer in the presence of the applicant concerned.

You may find Information on Indonesia embassies and consulates contact details at the Ministry of Foreign Affair website on the following direct-link: http://www.kemlu.go.id

Countries / Regions extended Visa-on-Arrival facility are:

  1. Algeria
  2. Australia
  3. Argentina
  4. Austria
  5. Bahrain
  6. Belgium
  7. Brazil
  8. Bulgaria
  9. Cambodia
  10. Canada
  11. China
  12. Cyprus
  13. Denmark
  14. Egypt
  15. Estonia
  16. Fiji
  17. Finland
  18. France
  19. Germany
  20. Greece
  21. Hungary
  22. Iceland
  23. India
  24. Iran
  25. Ireland
  26. Italy
  27. Japan
  28. Kuwait
  29. Laos PDR
  30. Latvia
  31. Libya
  32. Lithuania
  33. Liechtenstein


  1. Luxemburg
  2. Malta
  3. Maldives
  4. Monaco
  5. Mexico
  6. New Zealand
  7. the Netherlands
  8. Norway
  9. Oman
  10. Panama
  11. Poland
  12. Portugal
  13. Qatar
  14. Rumania
  15. Russia
  16. South Africa
  17. South Korea
  18. Switzerland
  19. Saudi Arabia
  20. South Africa
  21. Spain
  22. Suriname
  23. Sweden
  24. Slovakia
  25. Slovenia
  26. Taiwan
  27. Tunisia
  28. the United Arab Emirates
  29. the United Kingdom
  30. The United States of America