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Digital construction expert predicts 2024 trends for the industry

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Rapid change and adoption of digitisation is paramount in the construction industry alongside construction markets globally and general business infrastructure worldwide.

Richard Clement, Deputy General Manager at Smart Construction says: “Businesses across multiple sectors have been implementing smart tech at a rapid pace – but construction has historically fallen behind, meaning that 2024 is the year to take the bull by the horns and invest in smart technology.

“We are now seeing businesses of all sizes investing in smart technology to reduce supply chain hurdles and improve forecasting capabilities at all points of the construction journey. Due to uncertainty at the job site, investing in technology and smart solutions will help identify and prevent issues before they happen. At the close of a tumultuous year for inflation, savings are more important than ever and precise calculations are made possible by accurate insight and data collection.”

Survey data has long been a prerequisite for construction, with regular site surveillance common practice for earthworks projects and prep for vertical builds. Regular site data has been historically collected with survey teams journeying to site and taking individual readings to build a comprehensive view of the site, pinpointing any areas of concern and building an ongoing view of the works.

As technology continues to be at the forefront of investment and business growth, the efficient application of connected construction sites looks to be revolutionising the industry in 2024.

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