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Tech Revolution In Infrastructure Matters

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March 2020

From fossil fuel power plants to endless concrete freeways, infrastructure is a primary contributor to the climate crisis. However, by employing the right strategies and technologies, smart infrastructure development can also produce some of the most substantial gains for sustainability.

Infrastructure has the ability to shape society’s behaviors — fewer freeways in favor of more public transport for example. There is also a need to adopt technological solutions to increase the sustainability of infrastructure projects. Yet the industry has struggled to implement the necessary changes. For example, construction, the backbone of infrastructure, is by some measures the second least digitized industry in the economy, highlighting a dire need for change

The World Economic Forum’s Global Future Council on Infrastructure explored this topic in its recent report Transforming Infrastructure: Frameworks for Bringing the Fourth Industrial Revolution to Infrastructure. Here are some lessons for applying tech innovations to infrastructure.

Source: The Jakarta Post, Feb 2020

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